Aladdin announces closing date!

Disney's Aladdin is set to close in the West End next year. Announced today the production will officially close on the 31st August 2019 after over three years at the Prince Edward Theatre. The production will be followed by another Disney production, Marry Poppins!

What is Aladdin about?

Aladdin is a charming street urchin in Agrabah, who, when 'exploring' the mysterious Cave of Wonders, uncovers an ancient lamp that proves to be more than just an interesting lighting solution. He unwittingly frees the lamp's resident wacky Genie, who grants him three wishes. Transformed from pauper to Prince, Aladdin catches the eye of beautiful but bored Princess Jasmine, who longs for some adventure of her own!

But it's not all a smooth magic carpet ride, because Aladdin isn't the only one that knows of the lamp's power. Enter the nefarious Jafar and his minions, who have plans for three wishes of their own and it's up to Aladdin to defeat him to keep the Kingdom from his clutches.