Meat Loaf dies aged 74

The iconic singer and actor has passed away aged 74

Somewhere a bell is tolling - Known for his operatic delivery, humour and endless talent, the legendary Bat Out Of Hell himself has headed up to Paradise.

While it may have been his unmissable appearance in Richard O'Brein's The Horror Picture Show that gave Meat Loaf his break, his legacy was cemented by his appearance on albums Bat Out Of Hell I, II & III, the first of which catapulted him to rock stardom, a success that was revived by the electrifying musical, which debuted in Manchester in February  2017 and still plays to enthralled audiences across the UK and America to this day.

His death was announced on his official Facebook page. The statement said his wife was by his side and his friends had been with him in his final 24 hours. 

Here's to you Meat, may you rest in peace.