Wicked's UK Tour new production shots!

See the first look of the touring cast in action

The UK tour is flying out to visit cities across Britain, including England, Wales, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland. Based on the critically acclaimed novel by Gregory Maguire, Wicked explores the foundation of the Oz legend, delving into what made Glinda and Elphaba become the icons of good and bad, and questioning whether all is as it appears in later stories. The production stars Laura Pick as Elphaba, Sarah O'Connor as Glinda, Carl Man as Fiyero, and Simeon Truby as Doctor Dillamond/The Wizard.

Catch the first look at the production below!

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What's the story of Wicked?

Thrown together as unwilling roommates at The University of Shiz, initially the beautiful, blonde, and effervescent Glinda clashes with the fiery, misunderstood, green-skinned Elphaba. Facing various challenges in their experiences, they learn to put their differences aside and form an unexpected bond that stays with them for years to come, despite the political and magical upheaval that engulfs Oz. What makes someone truly "Wicked?" An uplifting and affirming adventure that journeys way below the skin and the heart of life.

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